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Lab Section
Smart Classes:-
Start by doing what is necessary then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible and the way to do it is by perceiving. The "Smart Class " teaching experience is provided to the students to engross the study material. It helps to the students to learn facts with practical approach. 

Eng Lab:-

Eng lab make use of intelligible english that both the native and non-native speakers of english apprehand quite easily. In this lab, students effortlessly communicate with teacher. They can listen to the native speakers voice,record their voice and compare.
Math Lab:-
Math lab is to aid students in developng their mathematical abilities.It is a complete theme based ambience which helps students to visualize and feel.
Computer Lab:-
To increase technical skills and to navigate the digital lab is being used for classes I to XII.Personal attention is being given to each student.
Physics Lab:-
This lab reinforces the theory with required physics lab experiments to stress.the fundamental concepts of physics. It develops new physical standards,data & measurement method.
Biology Lab:-
'Biology'-Science of life.It creates the interest in the students to the things practically.Classes IV to XII are frequently coming to the lab.
Geography Lab:-
Keeping in mind to create an atmosphere i.e both pleasing and inspiring ,pleasant to be in & uplifting to the spirit.Geography lab is for the students from classes IV onwards to keep in touch with nature.
Chemistry Lab:-
As chemistry is the study of substance, their properties,structure and the changes they undergo. Lab is being used from classes IV onwards for chemistry practicals.
Audio Visual Room
The audio - Visual room is perfectly made to entertain the students to make them relaxed from their studies & inculcate moral values through different stories.
The School believes in the maxim of a "Healthy mind in a Healthy body" and to make the body strong,spacious playgrounds are provided for Football, Basket Ball, Cricket, Skating, Kho Kho Kabaddi, Chess, Volley Ball, Badminton, Judo, Karate, Table Tennis, Hand Ball and Athletics.There is provision for indoor games also like, Table-tennis, Chess and Carrom etc.
 Toy Room  
   To provide Tiny-Tots a homely,enjoyable and reliable experience during study hours, a well developed Toy Room is established wherein the toys attract the students to study while playing. 
 Music Room  
  As music soothes the senses and provides a vocation too.Considering the fact the school is equipped with Music Room with expert faculty and instruments.
 Medical  Room    
  A well equipment Medical Room is there for First Aid & Medical emergencies    

School Cafe   The school cafe provides a large varity of Healthy, Hygienic & Nutritious snacks at  nominal  rates.

  • School Premises in pollution free enviroment.
  • Academic Excellence through latest & simple scholastic methods.
  • Highly qualified & experienced staff.
  • Individual attention, loving & caring attitude of staff.
  • Spacious playgrounds with facilties for Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball & Kho Kho.
  • Well Stocked library & multi - media labs for computer aided learning.
  • Well - equipped science labs, computer labs, maths lab etc
  • Special emphasis on art of conversation & Communication in English.
  • Special Coaching for Judo, Karate, Yoga, Meditation, Eye exercises, Skating, Music, Dance, Art & Craft and Painting.
  • Emphasis on Spiritual, Moral and Ethical Values.
  • Facilty for keeping meals hot & freash.
  • Well connected Bus Service.